Preliminary Developments


M_P Forms
De-Creation Lines

Metaphysica Empirica is dccorated by Zeisis
MetaPhysica Empirica provides media for PPFmath
MetaPhysica Empirica Oversees and Ferments Proximal Direction
Metaphysica Empirica Guides Progressive Recursion
Metaphysica Empirica Strains and Sharpens Value
MetaPhysica Empirica embodies FormReality
MetaPhysica Empirica is the Gold Mine of the New Economics

Historical Development Systems Involved The Realization of the Kantian idea of an Existent MetaPhysics

MetaPhysica Empirica IMetaPhysica Empirica IIMetaPhysica Empirica III III direct controls to Crestime Metaphysica Empirica IV provides a base for Dynamic Holography - HoloDyns

Ppf Integration
MetaPhysica Empirica prepares the way for Generative Physics
Elem Basis


MetaPhysica Empirica V is the developmental base for Mathematica Proxima MetaPhysica Empirica VI goes deeply into the realm of Past Present and Future Time

Site in Construction

Empirical Metaphysics works in conjunction with GenerativePhysics




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