NewLivingCity uses the process of deBuild
NewLivingCity-Functional Artifact
Evesx as Inspiration
NewLivingCity as Natural Monetary Standard
Knox- icvsphere

New Living City is a Creflex

NewLivingCity through GIS generates icv
NewLivingCity Supports EarthDirection
NewlivingCity provides technical and aesthetic tours of prominent buildings.
NewLivingCity provides reviews and evaluations of existing Buildings
Element and Transform - derivation of Value from NewLivingCity
NewLivingCity is Pure Sustainability and Functionality with Structural Inspiration
All Art Integral
All Traveling Internal

Buildings in Planning Stages:

The Great SpiritualUnity Church

The Church of The New Trinity

The Church of the Structure of Spirituality

European SuperHouse

NewLivingCity is in the LawfulDirection
New LivingCity resonds to EarthLaw
DeBuild Generates Element and Value
Knoxodeon is the Bank of NewLivingCity
NewLivingCity as the Spiritual Presence of SuperHouse
NewLivingCity as the structural Formulator of SuperHouse
Lawful Direction
NewLivingCity as the embodiment of the growth of effective value (TWV).
Knox- mcvsphere
NewLivingCity - 21st Century Babylon
Earth Direction Society



Application of the Architectural design system GIS


New Living City specializes in the design of developed structures involving living and working space,entertainment and recreation in the same building making it unnecessary to leave the building for long periods - New Living Space

One of its most ambitious designs was produced for the complete ground zero site - one complete building covering the whole site incorporating the Remembrance Statue in the Garden Center - .Outline of Plans.


New Living City through GIS extends the concept of The Building to the New-Living-Space
NewLivingCity has the system of Evesx for extended surface development and design


New_Living-City fulfils the function of Architecture as Inspiration


This building was proposed as an alternative to invading Iraq in response to 9/11 - just as that is now seen as the wrong move, then the correct move should be made now .

NewLivingCity has extended Artif into ArtiFacto-Dynamic


The building that was a challenge to the artistic power of Islamic architecture will now be open for construction as a preliminary to SuperHouse

New Living City through GIS3-Artif provides dynamism in the Overall Design.




Style in 21st Century Architecture


Design systems incorporating the

NewLivingCity in development uses MetaBeacon

philosophy of Spiritual Unity

NewLivingCity for decoration uses Zeisis

Links to Supra Level design controls from ME II


Site in Construction

New-Living-City enhances life by reducing or eliminating travel.

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MetaBeacon and Apexa
SuperHouse Miami
SpearFlux and Building Energy
London Direction
Crestime and Building Knoxodeon Stability
III-Arena is the design for the optimal performance of MetaPhysica Empirica II