Element and Transform in GIS provides value for Crestime and TotalWorldValue
GIS provides the facility for the exercise of the linking of forms and styling to the New Spirituality.
GIS provides specialized building completion and extension with Apexa
GIS reveals the latent potential of buildings with Gision
GIS provides for the innovations in architectural design by application of structural M_P.

GIS frames into architecture the growth of relational systems for extended artifact.


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GIS - Geometric Interactive Structuring is the system used in the design of 21st Century Architecture .
Site in Construction
GIS developments and extension in GIS2 and GIS3 use AX1s
GIS extends its place in design by being permanently
GIS works towards dynamism with Exten-Silhouette
entailed in SuperHouse
GIS is an exposition of Inspirational Geometry
Chn-Math Expansion
GIS opens up the channels between Mathematics and Spirituality
Mathematica Proxima
Gis is a torch for SuperHouse to illuminate the Contemporary Trinity
New Trinity plays its Hand
GIS-Math expounds icv Influence
Value expression in design
GIS-Math Directs mcv expansion into Construction
mcvsphere incorporates the Environment
GIS-Math embodies the ecv into the Fabric of Building
M_P expresses ecv
GIS-Math implements acv-sphere at the elemz level
Artifact sources Value and Transform for TWV
DeBuild Generates Transform and Value
ProxLv Devs